Nestled in the highlands of the southern Rift Valley region lies a little-known valley called Ndarawetta. Here, where the land is fertile, and rainfall comes in abundance does our journey begin. Steeped not only in the richness of local flavour, our tea reflects a way of living and culture; of generations of families tending to this province diligently.  And from our community, we share this spirit with the world through every sip and every brew of Ndarawetta Tea.

Ndarawetta Tea Factory builds on this community passion with our modern tea processing facility. A fully automated line producing high grade CTC and Orthodox teas for enjoyment locally in Kenya and internationally.

Our vision is to be the number one producer of specialty teas within the privately-owned Kenyan sector in a manner that is transparent, honourable and puts community wellbeing at the heart of it all.

Our Values

Central to how we operate, and act are our abiding principals. This is our ethos.


We believe in truth and transparency. We keep our word and people can trust us on it.


We push ourselves to deliver our best. We commit every day to making an impact through our hard work, passion and know-how.


We are the stewards of our community and our land. We are committed to their well-being and preservation.


We aren’t constrained by the ways things have always been done. Instead, we ask ourselves how can we do it better whilst adding more value.


We expect high standards from ourselves and those around us. It is our commitment to quality.


Central to our commitment to quality, we understand that our teas are not just a reflection of our reputation but also that of our customer’s offerings. We take this responsibility seriously through:

  • Delivering a product that is uniform from batch-to-batch.
  • Investing in the best teams and know-how to deliver an exceptional product.
  • Rigourous quality checks. At every stage we have measures and systems in place to ensure every batch leaving our facility meets with our seal of approval.
  • Investing in technology and R&D. Ways that can help us understand our terrain better and produce a higher standard product.
  • By listening and building relationships with local communities and authorities we can learn and harness more for mutually successful and sustainable growth.


We understand that in this ecosystem, one cannot flourish at the expense of another. We take responsibility of our employees, our partners and society. We commit to caring for their needs just as they commit to caring for our teas that reach every part of the globe.

In our daily work we comply with all laws in accordance with ethical values. And through the years we are proud to say we have developed a workplace that thrives on diversity, inclusion, skills development and promotion from within. It is part of our commitment to uplifting Bomet county for generations to come.


We are certified and compliant with:

  • Certified member of the Tea Board of Kenya
  • Certified with the Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • Rainforest Alliance / NEPCON Certified
  • In compliance with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) laws

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