Our respect for people and ecology is reflected in the ways in which we treat our farmers, pickers, staff as well as the land we occupy.  At Ndarawetta Tea over 6000 farmers depend on us for their livelihoods. This extends into the communities and families in which they are a part of.  Our programs include: child education through continued and consistent monthly support. Community health particularly impacted through Covid19 by setting up sanitation water tanks, distributing masks and subsidising the supply of  Kunia Koa Eco Jikos. It is part of our commitment to uplifting Bomet county for generations to come.

Our initiatives

  • Covid 19: Understanding the devastating impacts on farming communities, we have distributed masks, sanitation stations and essential maizemeal flour to guarantee health and wellbeing of our community.
  • Home Energy Saving Solution: We have subsidised KuniOkoa or energy saving stoves to 350 farmers. Compared to the traditional stove, these are 50% faster to light, save 60% charcoal and creates 63% less smoke. This makes for an allround sustainable and safer solution.
  • Fertiliser Issuance: – We have issued approx. 160 tonnes of fertilisers at cost to over 2,000 farmers. These help our farmers keep their tea production flourishing and has increased it by 20%.
  • Rain Harvesting:  Through the factory roof and buildings, this is stored in a one million litre underground tank. Particularly essential during unpredictable dry spells.
  • Credit Facilities: We have partnered with over ten financial institutions to facilitate favourable loans and credit terms to our farmers and employees.
  • Mobile Banking: For microscale farmers (delivering less than 50kg in a month), we issue payments promptly via mobile money direct to their phones ensuring they’re able to delivery consistently.
  • Field Services:  We have engaged over eight field extension staff members’ services to train, advise and inspect farms. Their remit is to help farmers develop best practices with minimal to no use of harmful pesticides.
  • Road maintenance: We have upgraded over 5kms of fair weather road to the factory to an all-weather murram road, whilst also repairing upto a further 8km of road within the catchment area. This has improved accessibility for residents in the surrounding area whilst also enabling to ease our logistics.
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