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A story of impact and nature

This is a story of love and nature. A story that brings people together one cup at a time. A story of impact reaching the other side of the world. A journey of hard work and dedication. This is the story of Ndarawetta.

A little known valley nestled in the highlands of Bomet Kenya. A heaven of secret drums and authentic culture where unique tea comes from. Its beauty and tranquility, tells a tale of the earth and Ndarawetta tea is our cherry gift to the world. Here we call it chai, meaning a connection of hearts. In a cup, lies the lingering charm of a thousand years and our soils breathe serenity and calm.

They say, when you have acquired a taste for the dust, mastered the scent of our rain and watched sunsets on a cup of African tea, then you are hooked here forever. Because each cup represents an imaginary voyage, if you are cold it will warm you, if you are lonely it will cheer you and if you are exhausted, it will lift you to the realms of the unwinking gods. Because where there is tea, there is hope.

Ndarawetta tea is a huge part of beautiful memories, conversations and relationships. It is the feeling of home away from home. There is magic in its fragrance, there is solace in its taste and the laden moments vanish are dear to our homes. The world becomes a lovely thing.

A dash of love and kindness, to last throughout the day. A cup of creativity, a cup of laughter, a special touch and always a friend.

Seating at the edge of the great Kenya, looking at the vastness of possibility, we made a promise to the land. A promise to create premium tea, to stand out with our natural taste and to perfectly blend the best flavor profound in every leaf. A hand picking art meticulously done with a personal touch. Endlessly researching, retasting and refining to bring out the best because we believe in taking the time to make every sip a little bit more special.

Our secret is in ensuring the children go to school and are fed, nourishing souls and changing lives with every sip. It lies in caring for the community as much as they care for us. From the thousands of leaves we harvest to the millions of customers across the world, it is more than just tea, it is serving others, making a difference, having fun and improving the lives of a community. A signature heritage.

At the end of the day, we can rest knowing that the choices we made for all the years make your tea choice easy. Giving the ordinary cup of tea the value and dynamism it surely deserves.

Ndarawetta tea, the trademark of premium quality tea from the world renowned tea gardens of Bomet Kenya.